Senior Software Engineer, Javascript

Istanbul, TR • Technology / Software Engineer • Full-Time

artlabs is a 3D & Augmented Reality (AR) engine for eCommerce and the Metaverse. We focus on sneakers, home decor, digital fashion, and almost everything wearable. With an effortless and scalable solution, we are helping our clients increase conversion rates and reduce product return rates. artlabs is a 100% remote deep-tech startup serving globally.

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We are looking for Senior Software Engineers living in GMT +0 to +3 timezones to join our Engineering Team focusing on platform services. Our tech stack heavily relies on JavaScript and Node.js ecosystem.

We embrace JAMStack, open-source, going fast, breaking things, not reinventing the wheel, nightly builds, and keeping everything simple and stupid.

First of all, you're great at Vanilla JavaScript. You know the history of ECMAScript, you're excited about new ES versions, and you see the difference between browser and node environments.

We expect a minimum of 4 years of experience in the majority of the following technologies.

🛠 What You’ll Build

* REST and/or GraphQL APIs using Node.js frameworks, such as Strapi, Koa, Express

* Data structures in multiple databases such as MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis

* Familiarity with Docker, AWS, Cloudflare, and GitHub Actions. You'll build automated pipelines.

* Knowledge of distributed systems, event hubs, message queues, long-running jobs, load balancing and reverse proxies.

* JS bundlers like Webpack, Rollup, Parcel,

🧑‍💻 Who You Are

* First of all, you have fantastic Googling skills. You can’t know everything right.

* You want to impact the products you work on by suggesting new features or improving existing know-how.

* You love to work remotely, autonomously, asynchronously and delivering is king. Remote work is measured by outputs, not by office hours.

* You know the answer is proper SDLC processes.

* You can’t live without Git. Duh.

* You prefer to build what matters now than what could matter in the future.

🎁 Bonus

* Experience or knowledge in building JS libraries (SDKs), Three.JS, Machine Learning

* Interest in concepts like; Extended Reality, Web3, Metaverse

* Experience in a tech startup with similar responsibilities.

🤔 Why Us?

* Great salary and health benefits

* Equity in mid-term

* Fully remote work with flexible working hours

* Chance to have a severe impact and a key role in one of the fastest-growing technology companies

* Experience working with a team of expert engineers

* A guaranteed steep learning curve in some of the most complex research problems

* Utilization of the latest and most advanced technologies and equipment

* Access to educational content, courses, and events for career development

* Company getaways every once in a while

At artlabs, fairness and diversity are our strong core values. We are committed to providing equal opportunities at work and we believe that together, driving positive change for everyone is possible.